Email Templates

With LeadBI you can build email templates, by clicking on .

Thanks to this builder you can create email to use into the automations. Choose the name, the editor (default or advanced).


Default Editor

By clicking on Default Editor, you have a wide choise of templates.

With the Drag&Drop Editor you can drag and drop the blocks, and customize your email. After you finish with the change, save and the template is ready to use.

  • Content: you can drop text, images, social and divider.
  • Rows: you can drop the rows.
  • Settings: you can customize the background color, the link and the default font.


You can edit, duplicate or delete the email templates by clicking on Manage.


Advanced Editor

If you choose the advanced editor, you access the Drag&Drop Editor without a default template, but you can create manually as you prefer.

By clicking on the respective icons, you can choose various customization features, and drop various blocks you need.








When you finish your email, save and the template is ready to use.

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