LeadBI Release 12/05/2017

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This LeadBI release is focalized on new automation steps.

  • Step blocks color change
  • Send SMS step added
  • Wait Until step added
  • Goal step added
  • Trigger from one-to-one emails added
  • Trigger from adding a contact manually

Steps color change

Now every step type has a different color, so you can distinguish them more easily.

Send SMS

Stop using only emails, from now on you can also send SMS with LeadBI automations.

Wait Until

Now you can freeze an automation until a given date.


Set up goals inside automation, so you can track all targets you want to achieve with your marketing plans.

Trigger: One-to-One

Make an automation start from a direct email, now you can track and automatize even one-to-one emails’ follow-up.

Trigger: New Contact

Make an automation start for every contact you add manually: start the engagement process immediately and automatically.