Leadscore is a value that indicates how much a lead is interested in your product, we already set defaults values to give the an adeguate value to he lead actions, but you can customize the “weight” for a website page visit, like the pricing page.

The default values for every action are:

  • Page view: 1
  • Email Received: 5
  • Email Open: 10
  • Email Click: 20
  • Form Submit: 20
  • Quick Contact: 20

Click on More on the sidebar and choose Account, in this page you will be able to add more websites to track, get the tracking code of added website and manage the Leadscore.

Click on the icon under Manage and choose Page Lead Score. Here you can change the default value for every page, add a new page and add the score you want to add to a lead every time that page gets visited.

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