Quick Contact

The “Quick Contact” widget allows you to have a direct connection with the visitors (live chat simulation) and identify them even if they don’t subscribe the form.

There are three tab to configure the widget:

  • Conversation Starters: configure the question you want to show and in which page add them.
  • Support Users: choose your support users.
  • Settings: customize widget, text and input colors.


Conversation Starters

By clicking on Add Question, choose the questions to show at visitors. After added it, if you click on Add Page, you decide in which page your widget will appear, for example www.leadbi.com/pricing.html. You can add all the page you need.

You can add all three questions you need, from the status choose to view a different question for page or only one for every page.


Support Users

By clicking on Add Support User, you can assign widget user and that user will receive an email with the visitor question.




You can choose to assign more than one user, but only one will receive the email. Now, once you choose who will reply to visitors, the widget starts to appear on the website.





In the last tab you can customize widget and color text to adapt it at our website.


  • Introduction Label: to introduce the support user.
  • Email Placeholder: to add the visitor email, also can be customized.
  • Question Placeholder: useful to add the question, also can be customized.
  • Submit Label: the text testo into the submit button, for example “Ask”.
  • Thank you Message: the message that appears after you send the question.
  • Follow up Message: is displayed after a thank you message.
  • Header Background Color/ Header Text Color: respectively the background color/Question button.
  • Error Message: in case something goes wrong with the widget, this is the error message you see.
  • Average Response Time: the average response time from the support user.

Once you finish the configuration, this is the widget that appears. Now you are ready to acquire more leads and to offer a better customer service.

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