Landing Pages

With LeadBI you can create Landing Pages by clicking on the icon .


Add the name and select the Builder.


Select the typology of Landing Page.

By adding the type of page you want to create, the conversion will be applied automatically and will be addressed to the Builder.

Legacy Page Builder

By clicking on Legacy you access to the powerful Drag&Drop editor in which you can customize your destination page.

You can modify layout, add blocks of text, images, import html, etc.

By clicking on the icon  you can find additional customization features such as typography, colors, dimension and much more.


By clicking on the icon  you can hide and see

only the blocks that interest you for possible checkings and changes:








By clicking on the icon  find three other customization typologies:

  • Basic: add column, text, images, link, video, etc.
  • Extra: add countdown and navibar.
  • Sections: add heading, price, customers, etc.


By clicking on Settings you can edit the page settings changing name, type of tracking, and you can add the tracking pixel.

Advanced Page Builder

By selecting advanced builder, you access to a more Advanced Drag&Drop editor in which tou can choose various templates.

Once you create and customize your Landing Page, you can save and publish it.

The Landing Page Url is customizable with own domain through Cname clicking on the settings icon .

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