Import a large database of contacts

In the Tab Import you can import all the contacts you have collected in your database, including their email, name and other important information.

By clicking on  you see this screen, where you can choose the name, select the CSV file and assign the relative tag to the contacts.

Between the available fields, you can select the data you want to import or ignore, considering that CSV file. For example, in this case, we selected first name, last name and email.

In this screen you apply the same contacts import process in email campaigns.

Automatically it is created an imported data box, by clicking on next you completed the process.

After you finish the import, you find your leads on website visitors, still not tracked on website, but you can do it through tracked link, form, or quick contant. Once you track your contacts, keep all the contacts imported and you have all the collected information through LeadBI.

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