CRM Pipeline

By clicking on CRM Pipeline you have access to the agenda management. This feature allows you to manage the deals and to have the relationship with your customers under control.

You can create all the funnel according to your needs and managing more deals. To create a new Pipeline you can click on Default and then New Pipeline.


The Pipeline will be created empty and without deal. To add the steps, you can click on Add Funnel, you choose the name and the Funnel deal probability.

You can edit the Funnel where a Deal is located, according to your deal through the feature Drag&Drop, dragging the Deal box from a Funnel to the Funnel you want. If you need to edit or delete the Funnel, you can use the icons in the form of pencil and bucket inside the Funnel box.


To add a Deal click on Add Deal that you find directly under a Funnel and then select automatically the step, or in a deal box and select manually the step.


By clicking on Manage, you can edit or delete the Deal anytime.



By clicking on Report, you can   generate a report according to   Deals, if are open, won or lost or deleted.

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