How to create Email Campaigns

On the section Campaigns there is a dashboard related to the email campaigns, in which you can view all the data and statistics about your email campaigns.

To create your first email campaign click on , choose a name for the campaign and click on create.


In the first step you can set your first Campaign.

  • Campaign Name: choose the name and edit it everytime;
  • Email Subject: choose the email subject;
  • Email From Name: insert the sender email;
  • Email Reply To: insert the different email reply, when the recipient will decide to reply;
  • Add Tags To Recipients: add a tag to segment the contacts;

Click on Save and Next.


In the following step you start to create your campaign from Drag&Drop editor. By clicking on Templates you can choose the email templates created before, if you don’t want to start over with a new email, and you select a template you want.

You have to save always yours campaign on Save before going on and Next.


In the third step you can add the recipients both Existing Contacts both Imported Contacts.

In the Tab “Existing Contacts” you can apply various filters to find the contacts easily:

  • Contact Tags: show all contacts who have the tag;
  • Exclude Contact Tags: exclude all contacts who have the tag;
  • Email Campaigns: show only contacts from the email campaign;
  • Advertising Campaings: show all contacts who clicked the link in the selected campaign;
  • Country: show only contacts from the selected country;
  • City: show only contacts from the selected city;
  • Privacy Consent: show only contacts who gave consent to Privacy;


In the last step you can review all the information, go back and send a test.

  • Campaing Setup: review information, subject and sender;
  • Campaign Template: send a test email;
  • Campaign Recipients: verify if the sender number is correct;

After you controlled all the data are correct, you can send the campaign. All the data will be saved in a draft, to allow them to be modified or send them later.

Every project can be edited or deleted, in fact if you want to create a new campaign, you can copy the previous one and acquire all the old campaign settings.

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