How to build Form & Pop-up

The contact forms result very useful features for the acquisition of potential customers. With LeadBI you can build efficient forms for the users, with the target to identify and track every single visitor into the website, once you get their email.

You can build Forms by clicking on the icon .

Select the Widget Type you prefer:

  • Floating Bar
  • Lightbox Popup
  • SlideIn
  • Fullscreen Takeover
  • After Post (Embeded)
  • HTML Form (Existing Website Form)






In the first step, you can build and customize form,type,colour and background of every single input. Once you selected the widget type, in this case Lightbox Popup, you can see our potential Editor Drag & Drop.

On the right you can drop many options:

  • Widget: choose the Form name and the widget to add.
  • Elements: drrop the elements to add to the Form, for example first name, last name, phone number, website, and much more, add them on “Drop Element Here” (excluded for Floating Bar).
  • Style: set the widget style, for example colors, sizes, aminations and much more.

Remember always to Save and to continue.


In the second step, you can enable an Autoresponder (automatic email), every time a user signed up to the contact Form.


In the third step you can edit the Form settings, and choose how and when the Pop-up appears.

  • Start/End Date: choose to show the widget only at start or end of the date.
  • When should the widget appear? choose when the widget appears: on page load, on user inactivity, on page scroll, on exit intent or on link click.

Choose every x days the widget appears to the visitor:

  • Show widget every x days after the first view
  • Show widget every x days after close
  • Show widget every x days after opt-in

Moreover, you can choose a notification email after signing up the form (Email Notification), to redirect the visitor to another page (Redirect), and to add a Remarketing script (Remarketing Audience Tracking).

-Review & Embed

In the last step you can copy and past into the website to add the Form or to go back if you need to edit the Form.

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