The Dashboard is the first screen you see after logging in and it is divided into two tabs: Summary and SEO Analytics.


This first page allows you to have an overview about a percentage/number of visits on your website and the source of your contacts.

  • Anonymous Visitors: Number of visitors during the selected data rage;
  • Known Visitors: Number of identified visitors during the selected data range;
  • New Visitors: Percentage of new visitors during the selected data range;
  • Bounce Rate: Percentage of visitors that viewed on your website less than 20 seconds;
  • Website Visitors: Diagram of total number of visitors during the selected data range;
  • Referring Sites: From which website visitors come;
  • Keywords: Keywords of website research;
  • Traffic Sources: Percentage of website traffic;
  • Industries: From which industries visitors come;
  • CountriesFrom which countries visitors come;

Seo Analytics

The second tab will help you to monitor the concepts of your website SEO. It will verify the most common SEO configuration, as the page title, or the keyword density. If those configurations are good it will be an green icon , if there is something wrong or that could be done better, it will be a yellow warning icon .

Based on the website analysis, LeadBI will assign a SEO score on your website.

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