2c- Identify Visitors | One-to-One email

The one-to-one email feature gives you the opportunity to contact whoever you want, you just need the recipient name and email.

Click on the paper plane icon on the top bar and begin writing your email.

You can also send one-to-one emails to your leads directly from their profile page: click on the icon on the right side of the lead name bar and select Send Email.

Email and Name of the recipient will be automatically filled using the lead data, that’s why you won’t see those inputs. You can use this method to inform a specific contact about a targeted offer or everything else you see fit.


You can always choose between a simple text email or a template you already created with the Drag&Drop Builder.

If you choose to use a text email, you can save the email as a template for your subsequent emails.

Whenever you send a direct email, you can also choose to:

  1. Add a tag to the lead by adding one to the Assign Tag input
  2. Start an automation from this email, just choose the automation from the Start Automation jump menu

Always remember that to track a direct email recipient, you have to add a link to your website: don’t worry, all links are automatically converted to tracking links.

You can always keep track of your sent email by clicking on the inbox icon in the top right corner of the page.

In this page you will see all the emails you sent, you can also filter by emails opened, clicked or bounced.

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