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With the Quick Contact Widget, you can have a direct link with your visitors and also identify them, without having them fill out a form.

To begin configuring the widget, open the More Menu and click on Quick Contact. You will find three tabs:

  • Conversation Starters: Here you configure the questions you want to display and in which pages you want to display them;
  • Support Users: In this tab, you choose the users that will receive the visitor’s question via email;
  • Settings: In the last tab, you can customize the widget color, text and inputs placeholders.

Support Users and Settings tabs on this page are used to configure default settings that are shared between all website of the account. You can customize Support Users and Settings for every single question when creating a new Conversation Starter.

Conversation Starters

First thing first, you will have to choose what questions to display to the visitors. To do so, click on the Add Question button, a popup box will open to insert data.

  • Question: Here you can choose what question the visitor will see,
  • Website Pages: This field is used to choose on which pages the widget will appear. Insert the URL address of the page without the domain (ex. to add www.sales.io/pricing you need to write /pricing ) and press the Add Page button. You can add all the pages that you need, you can also use * as a wildcard to select more than one page (ex. /* will select all site pages).

Configuring Support Users and Settings is done in the same way of the default ones, it will be explained in detail in the following paragraphs.

You can add all the questions that you need, you can choose to display a different question per page or just one for every page. The newest questions have priority over the older ones: in the image, you can see that the question #1 will be displayed on every page, but the other questions that were created afterward will take precedence over it and will be displayed in the appointed pages. Thanks to this, you will be able to have a “default” question that will appear on every page and then display specific questions for the most important pages.

Support Users

After choosing the questions to display, you will have to assign a user to the widget. When a visitor will ask a question, that user will receive an email with the visitor question. To do so, click on the Add Support User button.

In the box that will pop up, you can select one LeadBI user and by clicking the Assign button you will add it to the support user list.

You can also choose to assign more than one user but only one will receive the email, at every page load a user in the list will be randomly chosen and assigned to the widget. Now that you’ve also chosen someone to answer the visitors, the widget will begin to appear on the website.


Last but not least, in this tab, you can customize the widget colors and text to adjust it to your brand and website style.

  • Introduction Label: This will appear just after the question, it can be used to introduce the support user or to give further instruction to the visitor, like “Please remember to add your email address”.
  • Email Placeholder: The placeholder for the visitor email address input, you can leave the default value or customize it as you see fit.
  • Question Placeholder: The placeholder for the visitor question input, you can leave the default value or customize it as you see fit.
  • Submit Label: The text inside the submit button, it’s important to use an appropriate word to make sure the visitor sends you the question.
  • Thank You Message: The message that will appear after the question submit.
  • Follow-up Message: This text will be displayed just under the Thank You Message. You can also use it to give further information to the visitor.
  • Header Background: The color of the Question box header, this is where the question will be shown. Be sure to use a color to fit your website.
  • Header Text Color: The color of the Question text, choose a readable color based on the chosen background color.
  • Error Message: In the rare case something goes wrong with the widget, this is the error message that your visitor will see.


Now you have finally finished configuring the widget and you’re ready to acquire more leads plus offer a better support service to your customers.

This is how the widget will look like, try customizing it and find the perfect setting to acquire as many leads as possible.


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