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In the last tab you can customize widget and color text to adapt it at our website.

  • Introduction Label: to introduce the support user.
  • Email Placeholder: to add the visitor email, also can be customized.
  • Question Placeholder: useful to add the question, also can be customized.
  • Submit Label: the text testo into the submit button, for example “Ask”.
  • Thank you Message: the message that appears after you send the question.
  • Follow up Message: is displayed after a thank you message.
  • Header Background Color/ Header Text Color: respectively the background color/Question button.
  • Error Message: in case something goes wrong with the widget, this is the error message you see.
  • Average Response Time: the average response time from the support user.

Once you finish the configuration, this is the widget that appears. Now you are ready to acquire more leads and to offer a better customer service.