Sending One-to-One Email

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The email one-to-one feature, allows you to send email to your Leads, for example after a first telephone call.
Click on the paper plane icon on the top right and start writing your email.

You can always choose between a simple text email or an HTML template email created with Drag&Drop editor.

If you can choose to use the text email, by selecting save as template you can create an email template and save it, on import template you can import it an use it when you want, and finally on manage template you can manage your email template and decide which one to delete.

Every time you send a one-to-one email, you can choose to:

  1. Assign a tag to lead choosing one onĀ Assign Tag;
  2. Start an automation from this email, you have to choose Start Automation;

In addition, by clicking on the inbox icon in the right corner, you can track all the email you sent and filter them by email opened, clicked or bounced.