LeadBI Releases 11/13/2017

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LeadBI never stops growing, today we have released three new features:

News Contacts Section

We added a new tab inside your Visitors page: Contacts. This tab works just like the Visitors tab, but it shows only imported contacts and has the Add Contact button, that allows you to manually add a single contact.

Add a Single Contact

From the Contacts tab, by clicking on the Add Contact button, you will be able to access this popup. Here you can add a new contact data and insert it inside LeadBI immediately, without having to use a CSV file. Add information and then click on Create to add a new contact, it will display on both Contacts an Visitors tabs, you will be able to add more detailed info or modify the already added data from the contact’s profile page.

SEO Score

LeadBI was already giving you a basic SEO Analysis for your website, now our SEO Analytics page is more detailed and thanks to the SEO Score, you will immediately know how much your website is SEO friendly. With a scale from 0 to 100, LeadBI takes into account every SEO detail to calculate your score. You can review all SEO parameters from the SEO Analytics page, just below the SEO Score. You can then correct every warning LeadBI detects to increase your score.