How to create SMS Campaigns

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You can create SMS Campaigns by clicking on the icon .

You can insert the name of the SMS Campaign.

Click on Create and add the campaign settings:

  • Campaign Name
  • Sender
  • Message

Select the contacts to which you want to send your customized SMS. You can choose from the following filters to make a quick contact selection:

  • Contact Tags: select the contacts having tags;
  • Email Campaigns: select the contacts by email campaign;
  • Advertising Campaigns: select the contacts of existing advertising campaigns;
  • Country: select the contacts by country;
  • City: select the contacts by city;

After selecting the contacts you can save your campaigns and send it.
To find the campaigns you have realized, click on the funnel icon , to the right.

You can select the following filters:

  • Keyword: add the name of SMS campaign;
  • Campaign Status: add the SMS campaign status;