Automation from Website Page Visited

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With LeadBI you can create and automation starting from a website page visited, for example, from an user who visited a website page about pricing. Insert the name, the Trigger Website Page Visited, the website page, the maximum number of times this automation can execute for a contact, the conditions (optional) and continue.

Subsequently you can add the conditions, for example, set up a Wait Website Visit by clicking on wait for that the user visits the website another time within 3 days.

Now if the user visits the website within 3 days, is possible to set up an email to send to the user.

You can insert another condition and wait for email open from the user within 6 days.

If the user opens the email within 6 days, you can send a notification to your email address.

Instead, if the user within 6 days doesn’t make any action and doesn’t read the email, you can automate a second send as reminder.
So you have set up the automation!