Step 3 – Settings

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1) Display Settings

In the third step you can edit the Form settings, and choose how and when the Pop-up appears.

  • Start/End Date: choose to show the widget only at start or end of the date.
  • When should the widget appear?: choose when the widget appears: on page load, on user inactivity, on page scroll, on exit intent or on link click.
  • Show delay (in seconds): choose if you want to show the widget right away or after a delay in seconds.

2)Frequency Capping

Choose every x days the widget appears to the visitor:

  • Show widget every x days after the first view;
  • Show widget every x days after close;
  • Show widget every x days after opt-in;

Moreover, you can choose a notification email after signing up the form (Email Notification), to notify the user subscription, to redirect the visitor to another page (Redirect), and to add a Remarketing script (Remarketing Audience Tracking).