Settings – Legacy Page Builder

By clicking on the top you can close, save draft or publish your Landing Page. On Settings you can edit Landing Page settings changing the name, the conversion goal and insert the tracking pixels.

Landing Pages – Legacy Page Builder

By clicking on Legacy Page Builder there is a powerful Drag&Drop editor in which you can customize your destination page. You can modify layout, add blocks of text, images, import html, etc.   By clicking on the icon  you can find additional customization features such as typography, colors, dimension and much more. […]

LeadBI Releases 03/29/2019 – Reseller Badge, HTML Forms, IP

It is added the Reseller Badge for agencies; Becoming Reseller you will receive the badge to add on your website, in your agency console, that will certify your specialization using LeadBI. The Certification is an opportunity to expand your business and to receive a high level of training and consulting on […]

LeadBI Releases 04/04/2019 – Tags Management

LeadBI Staff is always working to make the platform unique and full of new features. With the new Tags management you can: Manage, view and delete all the tags connected to your account easily. Select all the bulk actions, assign a new tag or replace existing, according to some rules;    View […]