Report Deals

By clicking on Report, you can  generate a report according to Deals, if are open, won or lost or deleted.

Adding Deal

To add a Deal click on Add Deal that you find directly under a Funnel and then select automatically the step, or in a deal box and select manually the step.   By clicking on Manage, you can edit or delete the Deal anytime.

Adding Funnel

To add the steps, you can click on Add Funnel, you choose the name and the Funnel deal probability.   You can edit the Funnel where a Deal is located, according to your deal through the feature Drag&Drop, dragging the Deal box from a Funnel to the Funnel you want. […]


In the second tab (Contacts) you can find the archived about the traced and identified contacts on the website, both those acquired naturally both those important. In fact you don’t find any anonymous visitor in this page.     If you click on Email, you can send directly a one […]

Users permission

On the section Account, clicking on Users and finally on Edit > Permissions, you can give permissions to the users.    

Adding Questions

Once you created your Bot, you will already find a default message, that you can edit or delete clicking on Manage. Then you can insert your Thank you message.   To add new Question to Lead click on Add Question, you can choose an expected response type, for example email, full name, […]

Lead Bots

The new feature Lead Bots allows you to get a virtual customer service to your visitors, simulating a live chat. The widget appears when a Lead visits your website. To create a new Lead Bots, click on .   Insert the support name and click on create.