Sending One-to-One Email

The email one-to-one feature, allows you to send email to your Leads, for example after a first telephone call. Click on the paper plane icon on the top right and start writing your email.   You can always choose between a simple text email or an HTML template email created […]

Adding the Tracking Code on WordPress/Joomla website

Adding the tracking code on WordPress Some WordPress themes, like Divi, include the ability to include scripts in various parts of every page. If this is your case, open your theme configuration page and just paste the code in the specific text area to include it in every page <head>. […]

Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension allows to easily create tracking links for email campaigns without having to go back to LeadBI. Email Service Provider: Use this option to choose which email marketing you are using. We currently integrate with: Mailchimp, AWeber, ConstantContact, GetResponse, SendinBlue. If the service you are using is not […]

Dynamic fields

When creating an email template to use inside an automation, you will need a way to get dynamically all contacts data. This can be done by using dynamic fields. This content can be used by placing specific tags inside the template. These tags will then display to the recipients their […]

Adding a LeadBI form inside an Instapage page

Click on Opt-in Forms in the LeadBI sidebar Click on + to create a new form   Once you finished creating and saving the form, click on Manage and then on Embed Code Copy the script code   Open the Instapage editor of the page where you want to add the LeadBI form. Click on […]

Filters in the companies list

On tab(Companies) you can filter the list of companies by clicking on the right side of the page Filters.   Quick Search: you can search the general information about the company; Country: you can view only the companies from a certain country; Industry: you can view only the companies from a […]


In the last tab (Companies) LeadBI show you the anonymous users that are part of companies in which we don’t have IP address, so in this case you can know about the company that visited you. Whenever LeadBI identifies that a visitor is an employee of a certain industry, that […]