Step 2 – Build

In the following step you start to create your campaign from Drag&Drop editor. By clicking on Templates you can choose the email templates created before, if you don’t want to start over with a new email, and you select a template you want. You have to save always your campaign […]

Step 1 – Setup

In the first step you can set your first Campaign. Campaign Name: choose the name and edit it everytime; Email Subject: choose the email subject; Email From Name: insert the sender email; Email Reply To: insert the different email reply, when the recipient will decide to reply; Add Tags To Recipients: add a […]

How to create Email Campaigns

On the section Campaigns there is a dashboard related to the email campaigns, in which you can view all the data and statistics about your email campaigns, the email sent, the percentage of email opened, clicked and bounced/unsubscribed.   To create your first email campaign click on , choose a name […]

Integration with Google Calendar

Cliccando su Calendar e a seguire Integrations puoi integrare e connettere il tuo Calendario con Google Calendar.   Clicca su   in alto a destra del Calendario, e crea il tuo promemoria da sincronizzare.  

CRM Pipeline

By clicking on CRM Pipeline you can manage your agenda. This feature allows you to manage the deals and to have the relationship with your customers under control.   You can create all the funnel according to your needs and managing more deals. To create a new Pipeline you can click on […]

How to add filters in the visitors list

To filter the visitors list just click on the right side of the page and use the various filters available to search a Lead. You can filter the visitors by date, for example from the same day, from the last 7 days to the last month, and so on.   […]

Website Visitors

The feature Leads allows you to track all the users and the companies that visit your website. In the first tab (Website Visitors) you have a list about the last visitors on the website, both identified and anonymous. By clicking on Score, you can sort the Lead by Leadscore, (the highter […]


The Dashboard is the first screen you see after logging in and it is divided into two tabs: Summary and SEO Analytics. Summary This first page allows you to have an overview about a percentage/number of visits on your website and the source of your contacts. Anonymous Visitors: Number of visitors during the […]

JavaScript Code

To start using LeadBI and tracking visitors activity on your website, you have to embed the JavaScript code on every website page that needs to be tracked. At your first login, it will appear a popup with the code to be added. Just add the code only once, for every […]


LeadBI is a lead generation software application that uncovers information about your website visitors and turns them into leads. LeadBI’s B2B lead generation tool identifies anonymous website visitors even if they do not leave any contact information. LeadBI include a powerful suite of tool for convert your visitors in leads. […]