LeadBI Release 12/05/2017

This LeadBI release is focalized on new automation steps. Step blocks color change Send SMS step added Wait Until step added Goal step added Trigger from one-to-one emails added Trigger from adding a contact manually Steps color change Now every step type has a different color, so you can distinguish them more easily. […]

LeadBI Releases 11/13/2017

LeadBI never stops growing, today we have released three new features: New Contacts Section Add Manually a Single Contact (highly requested feature) SEO Score News Contacts Section We added a new tab inside your Visitors page: Contacts. This tab works just like the Visitors tab, but it shows only imported […]

LeadBI Releases 07/26/2017

New LeadBI Release: Email campaign: fix link tag tracking issue; Email campaign: enable all filters; Quick contact: hide powered by LeadBI on white label accounts;

LeadBI Releases 06/27/2017 – Email Campagns – Email Templates

New LeadBI Release: – Email Templates: insert of tracking pixel correctly; – Email Campaigns: import contacts and companies optimisations; – Email Campaigns: fix test email unsubscribe link; – Email Campaigns: inject unsubscribe and view in browser link; – Email Campaigns: add HTML header to email templates; – Signup: allow signup […]

LeadBI Releases 06/16/2017 – Email templates

New LeadBI Releases include: – Notifications: update email templates; – Visitors: add email campaigns filter for visitors; – Visitors: add email campaigns in the visitor profile; – Email Campaign: improve email campaign validation; – Email Templates: fix preview template padding;

LeadBI Releases 06/15/2017 – Automation, Email Campaigns

New LeadBI Release include: – Automation: Add visits count to the wait for website visits condition;   – Email Campaigns: View campaign recipients, campaign statistics and the email status; – Email Campaigns: Redesign the campaign recipients section; – Email Delivery: Fix delivery on behalf of the customer;

Integration with MailActive

For integrate LeadBI with MailActive you need to customize url into Email Editor as that: www.domain.it?utm_email=[EMAIL] so after domain just need add ?utm_email=[EMAIL] make your marketing automation easy with LeadBI!