Set up Dkim and SPF

By default the email campaign are sent as a sender through on-behalf, this method is used to give authority to the sender domain to make sure that email are not marked as spam, if you want to send email with its own company address you need to set up dkim […]

Contact profile

On LeadBI you can manage the contact, all the fields can be managed and you can add custom field. By clicking on contact, you can press on menù on the top of the right and click on edit contact. From the user profile you can view all the information related […]

How Create a WebForm

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LeadBI Release 2018-05-11 rev. 629ed76 / aa871c6

[ADD] eCommerce tracking integration [ADD] purchase tracking integration [ADD] WooCommerceWordPresss plugin integration [BUG] fix tracking issues [BUG] fix email campaigns caching issue [BUG] fix automation caching issues [IMP] improve the WordPress plugin